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Beidou Qiming (Beijing) Energy Saving Service  Co., Ltd., founded in 2011 and located in Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area (Yizhuang), is a National High-tech Enterprise committed to innovation and quality.
Every time we cooperate, we adhere to the spirit of the contract
To improve the sustainable and healthy development of the entire domestic industry, providing new products and technologies; Provide customized products and services for domestic and foreign enterprises
Full Contact Stainless Steel Floating Roof
Beidou Qiming has successfully developed and manufactured the full contact stainless steel double-deck floating roof which effectively eliminates oil gas space and solves the problem of oil volatilization at the source.
The technology of this floating roof is the most advanced in the world.The roof is suitable for 100m3-30000m3 tanks. Over 5,000 sets of the roof have been installed at home and abroad.

Energy-saving Nano Coating

  • Suitable for high-temperature ethylene cracking furnace, with high reflectivity, cavitation resistance, high temperature resistance, and good thermal shock stability.
  • Improve the thermal radiation efficiency of the furnace, enhances the temperature uniformity , and shortens the heating up time.
  • Improve the coking phenomenon of the furnace and extends the scorching cycle.
  • Overall energy consumption is reduced by about 2-4%.